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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INTL AR-15 Al 6Side15 FF Frnd w/SlottedBblNut

арт.: A.5.10.1422

Производитель: ATI

На складе в США: 16 шт.

19423.03 Р

ATI AR-15 Aluminum 6-Sided 15" Free Float Forend with Slotted Barrel Nut

Listening to Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, and Hunters, ATI has designed an AR-15 Forend that allows for maximum ease of use.


- Military Type III Anodized, 6061 T6 Aluminum 6-Sided 15 Free Float Forend
- Insert Rails at 45 Angles Around the Circumference of the Forend for Ultimate Versatility, and more Natural Placement of Accessories.
- Mounting Long Distance Optics on the Top Rail and a Short Distance Sight onto the 45 Rail Makes Switching Between Long and Short Range Targeting as Quick as a Twist of the Wrist.
- Slide Rails into any Position on the Forend for Nearly Unlimited Customization.
- Put Accessories Exactly where You want them
- Millions of Rail Configurations
- Available Rail Sizes: 2", 3", 4", 6", 12 and 15" (Sold Separately)
- Added vents on sides of forend help dissipate barrel heat, especially during rapid fire.
- Slotted Barrel Nut Constructed of Military Type III Anodized, 6061 T6 Aluminum
- Three Set Screws Lock the Forend into Place on the Slotted Barrel Nut
- Provides a Secure Fit, that cannot Rotate
- Eliminates the need for the Jam Nut
- Allows Forend to be Installed Flush to the Receiver
- Virtually Indestructible


- Fits: Most AR-15 Variants
- Weight: 11.9 oz.
- Color: Black

Note: Forend weights do not include the weight of Picatinny Rails or Accessories


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