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HOGUE XR3 Blkhk/Vac Ivory Cowboy Panels

На складе: 5 шт.

4688.61 Р

Цена в бонусных баллах: 66

Hogue two piece cowboy action grips provide all the quality and workmanship that you expect, adding distinction and style to your favorite single action. The ergonomic shape provides a secure handhold, positioning the knuckle away from the trigger guard, eliminating knuckle busting rolling of the hand during the recoil.


- Traditional Two-piece design
- Superior materials and craftsmanship
- Hand-buffed carnauba wax finish
- Perfect for cowboy action shooting


- Cowboy Panels
- Ivory Polymer
- FitsZ: XR3, Ruger Blackhawk, Single Six, and Vaquero (only frames with internal lock or Ser. # 510 and Up, also fits old XR3)
- Weight: 0.40

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