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HOGUE Wood Grip-S&W Model 645

На складе: 3 шт.

3592.24 Р

Цена в бонусных баллах: 50

Fits: Smith & Wesson Model 645.

When it comes to Semi-Automatic pistol grips, Hogue Grips are in a class by themselves. Many automatics have mechanisms that come very close to the grip, requiring proper clearances. Others depend on the grip to hold vital pins, and or springs, in place. Hogue's precision CNC woodworking equipment allows them to maintain these exacting tolerances that are especially important on automatics.

Covering a major portion of the handgun, the grip affects its appearance tremendously. A fancy wood grip will turn an ordinary gun into a unique custom firearm. Hogue automatic pistol stocks are used by many top pistol smiths for their exacting fit and attractiveness.

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