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PEREGRINE WH Half Vest 36-52"-LG-3XL-KH

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If you like the carrying capacity and accessories on our regular Wild Hare vests but want something more streamlined then this new Wild Hare Half Vest is for you. It has all the storage/carrying capacity of a full vest but is contained right on your belt. Perfect for the blistering hot days of Summer. A full box of shells (box and all) fits easily in each pocket. Save your empty hulls in the rear reloader pouch and empty them quickly and easily with the 2-way zipper. The belt is easily removed and exchanged for the optional 60" or 70" belt if necessary.

If you're worried about whether the Half Vest will fit a youth then fear not. The Small-Medium version has a removable reloader pouch (secured by 4 snaps) allowing the belt to tighten down to 18" if necessary. Then just add the reloader pouch back as your youth shooter grows.

Great for Teams Too! If you're looking for a cost effective option for your team the Half Vest is a perfect option. The large 4-5" panel on the left pocket is easily embroidered by your local shop.


- Double divided pouches easily hold a box of shells each
- Spare shell holders with Velcro flap keeps shells from falling out
- Zippered mesh reloader pouch on the back holds up to 100 empty hulls
- Outer pocket is easily embroidered with team logos
- D-rings for hanging towels and accessories
- Removable reloader pouch allows belt to tighten to a little as 18"


- Size: Large-3XL (36-52")

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