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PEREGRINE WH 3-Gun Tactical Case-BK

Производитель: Peregrine
Модель: WH-233S-BK
Наличие: 2

Цена в бонусных баллах: 185
Количество: + -

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Thanks to a close collaboration with professional 3-gun shooter Arlie Branham this 3-Gun Tactical Case has every feature you could possible want when heading to the range. When Wild Hare makes a product it is built to last. The first thing you will notice when picking up this case is that it is heavier than other cases on the market. That's because we spared no expense in both the quality and durability of the reinforced fabric and the high density foam that comprises this case. In addition there is no shortage of carrying capacity for all of your ammo slings ear muffs and shooting glasses.


- Rugged reinforced fabric and top quality high-density foam
- 4 Ammo pouches (2 detachable and 2 permanent) each with capacity for 100 rounds of shotgun 400 rounds of pistol or 200 rounds of rifle ammo
- Detachable waterproof pistol pouch with carry handle
- Detachable tool/accessories bag with carry handle
- Pouches for 6 AR-15 magazines and 5 double-stack 2011(R) magazines
- Velcro restraints for securing shotgun and rifle
- Reversible zippered pouch for protecting extended shotgun magazine tube
- Thick high density foam divider to protect shotgun and rifle
- Dual padded shoulder straps carry handle and single shoulder strap carrying options
- Co-designed by professional 3-gun shooter Arlie Branham


- Color: Black
- Dimensions: 51"L x 12"W x 5"H
- Weight: 12 lbs.

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