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Mission first tactical

MISSION FIRST TACTICAL React Torch and Vertical Grip FG

На складе: 1 шт.

5473.82 Р

Цена в бонусных баллах: 77

Mission First Tactical React Torch Grip Foilage Green (RTGFG)

The React Torch Grip (RTG) is a combination compact textured vertical grip and illumination mount. Designed to minimize material and dimension and utilize the use of a .75, .825, or 1" diameter flashlight/laser. Designed to provide a positive grip surface with wet or gloved hands, and allow the support hand to apply rearward pressure keeping the weapon shouldered, yielding better muzzle control and accuracy. This is the grip you want if your objective is a vertical grip that will mount a large variety of flashlights/lasers.


- Combination vertical grip and illumination mount
- Accommodates 3/4" - .825" - 1" diameter light/laser
- Lock-out switch prevents unintentional activation of light source
- Grooved gripping surfaces to eliminate hand slippage
- Pressure pad wells allow light activation for RH Operators
- Thumb activation switch for wireless light activation
- Secure watertight storage compartment
- Battery Sled with quick access tab diminishes rattle
- Flat non-slip bottom surface aids in supported firing positions


- Weight: 7.4oz
- Height: 4.727"
- Width: 1.573"
- Length: 4.833"

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