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HOGUE Ruger LCR EH Prha G10 GMa Pnk Lava

Производитель: Hogue
Модель: 78637
Наличие: 2

Цена в бонусных баллах: 100
Количество: + -

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Информация о рукоятке для пистолета HOGUE Ruger LCR EH Prha G10 GMa Pnk Lava

For the LCR enclosed hammer model, Hogue offers the Bantam Boot Tamer without finger grooves ? a smooth, small grip ? ideal for deep carry and maximum conceal-ability. Also available exclusively for the LCR enclosed hammer design: Hogue?s G10 ?G-Mascus? Grip. Made of durable, beautiful G10, the G10 G-Mascus Grip for LCR assures a ?no snag? draw and a one-of-a-kind, 3D-contoured look in distinctive colors (Black, Black-Gray, Pink, Blue or Red). For all Ruger LCR models ? including the 3? barrel design ? Hogue offers the Tamer in OverMolded Rubber with a finger groove. This design offers more purchase without compromising conceal-ability, and enhanced recoil dampening when compared to the Bantam ? thanks to a stippled OverMolded Rubber grip design! Finally, Hogue?s full-size Tamer without finger grooves is a great choice for any LCR revolver. It features a longer butt and no finger grooves for better handling, maximum recoil control and comfort, especially for those with larger hands. Combined with Hogue?s Tamer insert, the full-size model offers the ultimate in comfort and recoil dampening for Ruger LCR series revolvers.


- Fits: Ruger LCR
- Enclosed Hammer
- Piranha Grip G10
- Color: G-Mascus Pink Lava

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