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TRUGLO Tru-point Ruger Red Label

На складе в США: 2 шт.

5445.03 Р

Цена в бонусных баллах: 52

TruGlo Tru-Point Wing & Clay Front Sight Fits Ruger Red Label Steel Interchangeable Fiber Optic in Green, Red, Yellow & Orange. TruGlo Tru-Point Shotgun Sights. Licensed by Ducks Unlimited. Developed to meet the high performance demands of wing and clay shooters, this machined metal, fiber optic front sight sits close to the rib and features interchangeable green, red, yellow and orange fiber optics. Special mounting design allows for a tight and secure fit behind the front bead on the ventilated rib of your shotgun.


- Patented Slide-Lok Mounting System
- Mounts to the rib without tape, screws or magnets
- Special nylon liner protects rib and locks metal sight in place
- CNC machined
- Fiber diameter is .060"
- Endorsed by Ducks Unlimited
- Contains only front sight
- Rear sight not included
- Fits Ruger Red Label

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