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GLOCK Model 30 .45ACP Mag 10rd (clam)

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Model 30 45ACP 10 round Magazine

Like no other pistol, GLOCK pistols permit almost unrestricted compatibility of the magazines within a caliber. Standard magazines, for instance, can also be used for backup weapons. Compact and subcompact GLOCK pistol model magazines can be loaded with a convincing number of rounds i.e. GLOCK 26: up to 33 rounds.

The innovative polymer frame of the GLOCK pistol does not require grip shells. As a result, it has considerably more space for the magazine body and enables double-row staggered cartridge configuration. For this reason, GLOCK pistols are superior in firepower to conventional pistol models of the same size.

GLOCK magazines have a stiff metal tube encased in the proven GLOCK high-tech polymer. This resists deformation even when dropped from great height or exposed to extreme environment conditions.

- Items shipped loose in bulk (no packaging), or with packaging

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