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HOGUE AR15 Rub Grip w/FG Pnk

Производитель: Hogue
Модель: 15007
Наличие: 2

Количество: + -

Информация о рукоятке для пистолета HOGUE AR15 Rub Grip w/FG Pnk

Hogue has applied the overmolded technology to the Colt AR-15 producing the ultimate grip and forend combination. The O.M. AR-15 grip is specially designed to retain the important lines and aesthetics of the AR, while at the same time providing a comfortable lightweight rubber grip with finger grooves and palm swells. The rubber overmolding gives a super comfortable, non slip grasping area that insulates your hand from the heat produced during rapid fire.


- Finger Grooves
- Palm Swells
- Non slip grasping area


- Color: Pink
- Rubber
- Fits: M16/AR15

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