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CARLSONS Ber/Ben 12ga Waterfowl Choke Set

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Carlson's has designed this package of choke tubes to fulfill all of the needs of the serious waterfowl hunter. This set has a choke for everything from up close and personal to long range pass shooting and everything in between. These chokes are manufactured from 1704 stainless steel and designed to throw tighter and denser patterns than conventional choke tubes. Each choke is has the constriction and size laser marked on the end and body for reference. Steel shot may be used through these choke tubes with exceptional results. Do not shoot steel shot larger than BBB or any steel load faster than 1500 fps through the Full or Extra Full Constrictions.


- Gauge: 12
- Thread Pattern: Benelli (Except Crio), Beretta Mobilchoke
- Constrictions: Close Range tube -For shooting over decoys, up to 35 yards.
- Mid Range tube: For shots from 25 to 40 yards.
- Long Range tube: The best patterning long range choke tube, for shots beyond 40 yards.
- Ported: No
- Shot Type: Steel
- Purpose: Waterfowl
- Material: 1704 Stainless Steel

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