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HOGUE Handall Hybrid S&W M&P 9MM, 40S&W-Prpl

Производитель: Hogue
Модель: 17406
Наличие: 9

Количество: + -
The Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve is designed specifically for the full size M&P .40, 9mm and .357 Sig. When installed, the grip sleeve creates a textured rubbery grip surface that will enhance the purchase and ergonomics of nearly any grip. Installation is a simple matter of stretching the grip sleeve over the grip until it is properly located.


- Fits: Full Size M&P .40, 9mm and .357 Sig (.357 Auto) models Oonly. Does not fit Shield, .22 LR or .45 ACP models.
- Color: Purple

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